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The TWI Job Relations Pocket Card is a portable, customizable guide, providing detailed insights into the four-step TWI Job Relations methodology and human-oriented problem-solving.

  • Upon placing an order, a draft of the card will be sent, which the client can customize to suit their company’s needs, such as changing the logo, modifying text, etc.
  • It is possible to prepare the card in any language, given that the client provides prior corrections if necessary.
  • Ordering a specific quantity of cards is possible, with the unit cost decreasing as the number of cards ordered increases.
  • Cards will be printed in color on specialist card stock: A6 620g 105x148mm.
  • The shipping cost is fixed and does not depend on the size of the order.
  • The lead time is 1-2 weeks after the card design has been approved.


TWI Job Relations Pocket Card is a portable, comprehensive guide intended to equip individuals with crucial knowledge about the Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Relations methodology. This pocket card condenses the intricate principles of TWI Job Relations into a manageable format, serving as an essential reference for managers, team leaders, and anyone who interacts with people in their professional roles.

This pocket card centers around the four-step Job Relations method: Gather the Facts, Weigh and Decide, Take Action, and Check Results. Each step is thoroughly elaborated upon, offering users a clear path on how to apply these steps effectively when dealing with human relations issues in their professional environment.

  • Gather the Facts: The first step highlights the importance of objective information gathering. It offers guidance on how to thoroughly collect all relevant facts about a situation before making decisions or taking actions.
  • Weigh and Decide: The second step focuses on the evaluation of collected information and decision making. It guides users on how to consider possible actions, analyze their potential effects, and make sound decisions.
  • Take Action: The third step emphasizes putting the decision into action. It provides insights on how to communicate decisions effectively, taking action promptly, and treating each individual with respect and fairness.
  • Check Results: The final step encourages continuous monitoring of results. It provides advice on how to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken and make necessary adjustments, reinforcing the notion of continuous improvement in human relations.

In addition to these steps, the pocket card underscores the importance of problem-solving oriented toward human issues, as opposed to process-related problems. It reiterates the essence of the TWI Job Relations methodology, that is, people must be developed to become efficient, and issues arising from human interactions can and should be systematically resolved.

One of the key features of the TWI JR Pocket Card is its adaptability. It can be customized to cater to your organization’s specific needs, incorporating elements like your company logo, preferred color scheme, and any other content that would be beneficial for your operational context.

The pocket card is designed to be durable and easily portable, ensuring that this vital guide is always available for quick reference. Its compact size allows for convenience and ensures that the valuable insights it offers are always within reach.

In essence, the TWI JR Pocket Card, with its succinct content, practical focus, and customizable features, is a powerful learning aid. It fosters a better understanding and application of the TWI JR methodology, promoting effective human relations management and problem-solving within organizations, thereby contributing to a healthier work environment and improved organizational performance.

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A6 620g 105 x 148mm (hard)

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