Custom Diploma Creation



Our Custom Diploma Creation service is tailored to design professional, visually appealing recognition materials for your company or project. Perfect for Lean Management, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, or Kaizen initiatives, our diplomas reflect your project’s identity and ethos. We provide a print-ready digital format, ensuring easy printing and reusability. Our seasoned graphic designers work closely with you, incorporating your preferences and feedback, to produce a final product that your employees will be proud to display.

In the order place, describe your request, and give us detailed guidelines and expectations. Based on these, we will prepare a Diploma Design for you.


Custom Diploma Creation for your company or project is more than just about crafting a beautiful document – it’s about making your employees feel valued, appreciated, and integral to your organization’s success. Our Custom Diploma Creation service provides a unique, professional way to recognize the achievements and contributions of your staff, particularly in relation to specific projects or initiatives like Lean Management, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, or Kaizen.

Each diploma we create is bespoke, designed to reflect the ethos and identity of your project or organization. Upon making your order, we ask for detailed information about your company, the purpose of the diploma, and any particular preferences you might have. This could range from specific color schemes to typography, to the inclusion of the company logo or project emblem.

Our diplomas are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also practical. They are delivered in high-resolution, print-ready digital formats such as SVG and PNG, so you can choose to print them in-house or at a professional printing service, at any scale. The diploma template can be reused multiple times, allowing for consistency and recognition for multiple recipients.

In terms of design, we work with experienced graphic designers who have decades of experience in creating visually stunning and meaningful recognition materials. The end product is a diploma that your employees will be proud to display, and that truly represents the appreciation and acknowledgment of the company.

Importantly, our Custom Diploma Creation service ensures that you will have a say at every step of the design process. After the initial draft is prepared, we will solicit your feedback and make revisions to ensure that the final design perfectly matches your vision and meets your needs.

Remember, a diploma does more than recognize achievements – it builds morale, encourages further success, and strengthens your company culture. With our Custom Diploma Creation service, you can ensure that this important tool is as professional and inspiring as it should be.

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