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Lean Global Consulting:

What you GIVE

What you GET

How to become a trainer


Publish Your work in our Library – FreeLIB

We are looking for management practitioners who are open to sharing knowledge. We expect the team of trainers to publish regularly on FreeLib to increase management knowledge and awareness among potential LGC clients. For us, the quality of the articles is a way of verifying the competences of the Trainer.


Be active Lean Community member

Contribute to our social media, especially the LinkedIn group and Discord. Share your knowledge. Promote the Lean Community brand that supports Lean Global Consulting. Such action will bring you closer to cooperation with Lean Global Consulting.


Sign a contract with Lean Global Consulting

By signing the contract, you are a verified Trainer by LGC. LGC, as a global organization, will make sure that you can share your knowledge with our customers. LGC is a networking organization, therefore we do not cooperate with Trainers exclusively. You can easily share your current job with additional assets at LGC.