Trainig Within Industry

Job Instructions, Job Methods, Job Relations, Job Safety


What is TWI - Training Within Industry

The Training Within Industry (TWI) program is a program which supports the development of management skills of experienced operational employees and low and middle management superiors.

The objective of the TWI program was the rapid development of new talented staff in order to achieve an increase in productivity, quality and occupational safety. This program includes the development of three managerial skills, which are necessary in the work of leaders and experienced employees:

  • the ability to build a safe workplace – TWI Job Safety
  • the ability to instruct employees – TWI Job Instructions
  • the ability to improve working methods (kaizen) – TWI Job Methods
  • the ability to build good relations with employees (sometimes described as the ability of leadership – TWI Job Relations

Benefits of Training Within Industry

  • The implementation of the TWI program in American industry brought tremendous benefits:
    • 100% of companies shortened the time of training new employees by 25% or more,
    • 86% of companies increased their efficiency by 25% or more,
    • 88% of companies reduced the workload on a product by 25% or more,
    • 55% of companies reduced deficiencies by more than 25%,
    • 100% of companies reduced complaints by more than 25%.


What does the cooperation look like?



Introduction to all four methods of Training Within Industry. Choosing the specific approach for the organization. Setting up the KPIs for the implementation.


Pratical workshops

Practical on the shop floor workshops. Working in the groups. Learning by doing.


Adjustment and certification

Certification of TWI Instructors and TWI Practitioners. Coaching and supporting in the independent activities during the implementation process.


Continuation of activities and continuous improvement

Certification of internal TWI Trainers. Audit process.

Forms of cooperation

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