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The TWI Job Methods Pocket Card is a compact, customizable guide that provides clear instructions on the four-step TWI Job Methods methodology and the concept of Kaizen.

  • Upon placing an order, a draft of the card will be sent, which the client can customize to suit their company’s needs, such as changing the logo, modifying text, etc.
  • It is possible to prepare the card in any language, given that the client provides prior corrections if necessary.
  • Ordering a specific quantity of cards is possible, with the unit cost decreasing as the number of cards ordered increases.
  • Cards will be printed in color on specialist card stock: A6 620g 105x148mm.
  • The shipping cost is fixed and does not depend on the size of the order.
  • The lead time is 1-2 weeks after the card design has been approved.


TWI Job Methods Pocket Card is a compact, yet comprehensive guide, tailored to provide essential information about the Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Methods methodology. This portable learning aid distills complex concepts into an easily digestible format, making it a perfect companion for employees involved in various operational roles seeking to improve their methods of work.

This pocket card is built around the four-step Job Methods model: Break Down the Job, Question Every Detail, Develop the New Method, and Apply the New Method. Each step is thoroughly explained, offering a straightforward guide on how to apply these steps effectively in daily operations.

Break Down the Job: The first step involves dissecting the job into its constituent parts. The pocket card provides guidance on how to conduct a detailed analysis of each step involved in the job, enabling the identification of inefficiencies or areas for improvement.

Question Every Detail: The second step encourages a critical evaluation of every job detail. This step prompts employees to question the purpose, place, sequence, person, and means involved in each job step, providing a thorough evaluation that forms the basis for improvement.

Develop the New Method: In the third step, the focus shifts to developing an improved method based on the evaluation done in the previous steps. The pocket card offers guidance on how to eliminate, combine, rearrange, or simplify steps to create a more efficient method.

Apply the New Method: The final step involves implementing the improved method. The pocket card provides insights on how to put the new method into practice, secure acceptance, and ensure it becomes a standard procedure.

Besides the four-step process, the pocket card also delves into the concept of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, underscoring its relevance to the TWI Job Methods methodology. The pocket card emphasizes the importance of constantly seeking and applying improvements, reinforcing the philosophy of continuous improvement.

A standout feature of the TWI Job Methods Pocket Card is its adaptability. It can be tailored to incorporate your organization’s specific requirements, such as your company logo, preferred color scheme, or any other content that enhances its relevance and usability within your operations.

The pocket card is designed for durability and convenience, with a compact size that allows employees to easily carry it around. This ensures that the insights it offers are always within reach, aiding in the quick reference and application of the TWI Job Methods methodology.

In summary, the TWI JM Pocket Card, with its clear content, practical approach, and customizable features, is a valuable learning aid. It facilitates the understanding and application of the TWI JM methodology, aiding organizations in fostering an environment of work efficiency and continuous improvement.

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