TWI Job Relations Online Training (4h)



The Online 4-hour TWI Job Relations training is a comprehensive course designed to impart in-depth knowledge of the TWI Job Relations methodology.

  • Scheduling for Online Training is carried out on an individual basis.
  • Upon receipt of payment for the training, we will contact you to agree upon a specific date and time convenient for you.
  • The training sessions are conducted by a practitioner experienced in the industry, and we will send you the trainer’s profile in advance of the session.
  • There are no limitations on the number of participants for the training, making it suitable for both small teams and large departments.
  • Upon completion of the training, online certificates will be issued to all participants to recognize their accomplishments and effort.


The Online 4 hours TWI Job Relations is an engaging training session, aimed at providing in-depth knowledge about the Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Relations methodology. This online course is facilitated by a seasoned trainer with vast practical industry experience, ensuring a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

This course revolves around the TWI Job Relations methodology, a systematic approach to building positive employee relations and addressing personnel problems. The training aims to equip participants with the skills to apply this method effectively in their roles, fostering a supportive and harmonious work environment.


  1. Introduction (30 minutes): The session commences with an introduction to the TWI Job Relations, its history, and its significance in managing people in the industry. The trainer will outline the course objectives and provide an overview of what participants will learn.
  2. Understanding TWI Job Relations (45 minutes): This segment delves into the four-step process of the TWI Job Relations methodology – Gather the Facts, Weigh and Decide, Take Action, and Check Results. Participants will learn how each step contributes to the effective resolution of personnel issues and building positive relationships.
  3. Practical Demonstration (45 minutes): The trainer will give a practical demonstration of the TWI Job Relations methodology, walking participants through each step of the process. This live demonstration enhances understanding and offers a practical perspective of the methodology’s application in real-world situations.
  4. Break (15 minutes): A short break for participants to relax and prepare for the next part of the session.
  5. Interactive Exercise (1 hour): An interactive exercise where participants will be given a hypothetical situation to apply the TWI Job Relations methodology. This hands-on activity will reinforce their understanding and give them the experience of using the method.
  6. Discussion and Q&A (45 minutes): The training wraps up with a discussion about the exercise and a Q&A session. Participants can share their experiences, discuss challenges faced, and pose any questions they might have. The trainer will provide feedback and address questions, ensuring participants have a solid understanding of the TWI Job Relations methodology.

In summary, the Online 4-hour TWI Job Relations training session is a highly interactive and insightful experience. The training provides a solid understanding of the methodology, focusing on practical application and problem-solving skills, which participants can readily implement in their respective roles to manage people more effectively.

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