TWI Job Methods Online Training (4h)



The Online 4-hour TWI Job Methods training provides a comprehensive understanding of the TWI Job Methods methodology.

  • Scheduling for Online Training is carried out on an individual basis.
  • Upon receipt of payment for the training, we will contact you to agree upon a specific date and time convenient for you.
  • The training sessions are conducted by a practitioner experienced in the industry, and we will send you the trainer’s profile in advance of the session.
  • There are no limitations on the number of participants for the training, making it suitable for both small teams and large departments.
  • Upon completion of the training, online certificates will be issued to all participants to recognize their accomplishments and effort.


Online 4 hours TWI Job Methods is an intensive training course designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Methods methodology. This online session is facilitated by a seasoned trainer with extensive practical industry experience, delivering in-depth insights and actionable knowledge.

This course focuses on the TWI Job Methods methodology, a proven approach to continuously improving the way jobs are done. The goal is to enable participants to understand and apply this method to increase productivity, improve work processes, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


  1. Introduction (30 minutes): The training session commences with an introduction to the TWI Job Methods, its history, and its relevance in contemporary industrial environments. The trainer will outline the course objectives and provide an overview of what participants will learn.
  2. Exploring TWI Job Methods (45 minutes): This section delves into the core principles of TWI Job Methods. Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the four-step process – Break Down the Job, Question Every Detail, Develop the New Method, and Apply the New Method, and how each step contributes to the effective improvement of job processes.
  3. Practical Demonstration (45 minutes): The trainer will present a practical demonstration of the TWI Job Methods, walking participants through each step of the process in a real-world context. This live demonstration will provide a clear visual representation of how the methodology is applied and reinforce the concepts learned.
  4. Break (15 minutes): A short break for participants to relax and prepare for the interactive part of the session.
  5. Interactive Exercise (1 hour): Participants will be engaged in an interactive exercise where they apply the TWI Job Methods to a hypothetical job. This practical exercise will reinforce their understanding and provide hands-on experience of using the methodology.
  6. Discussion and Q&A (45 minutes): The training concludes with a discussion of the exercise and a Q&A session. Participants can share their experiences, discuss challenges encountered, and pose any questions. The trainer will provide feedback and address all questions to ensure a thorough understanding of the TWI Job Methods.

In a nutshell, our Online 4-hour TWI Job Methods training session is an engaging and practical experience. It not only provides a solid theoretical foundation of the method but also emphasizes its practical application, equipping participants with the skills to effectively enhance job processes within their respective roles.

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