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The TWI Memory Jogger is a comprehensive, customizable guide designed to facilitate understanding and application of the Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology.

  • After placing an order, a draft of the Memory Jogger will be sent, which the client can adapt to suit their company’s specific needs, such as logo changes, text modifications, etc.
  • Each Memory Jogger comprises 16-20 pages in A6 format.
  • There’s the option to prepare the Memory Jogger in any language, given the client provides prior corrections if necessary.
  • It is possible to order a specific quantity of Memory Joggers, with the unit cost decreasing as the quantity increases.
  • Memory Joggers will be printed in color on specialist card stock: Flyers 350g, 105 x 148 mm.
  • Shipping costs are fixed and are not dependent on the size of the order.
  • The fulfillment period is 1-2 weeks following the approval of the Memory Jogger design.


TWI Memory Jogger is a detailed and comprehensive guide designed to facilitate the implementation and understanding of the Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology. This tool is specifically designed to encapsulate the core principles of TWI, making them accessible in an organized, step-by-step format that ensures an effective learning experience and enhanced operational efficiency.

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a dynamic program developed during World War II to address industrial skills shortages. The program consists of four key training modules: Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR), and Program Development (PD). The TWI Memory Jogger provides detailed coverage of each of these components, aiding users in the practical application of these principles in their work environment.

One of the unique features of the Memory Jogger is its potential for customization. The guide can be tailored to include your organization’s logo and specific content, ensuring a personalized, relatable experience for your workforce. This high degree of customization makes it a versatile tool, able to meet the specific requirements and goals of your organization.

This guide provides clear and methodical instructions for each module of the TWI program, making it an invaluable resource for both novices and experienced practitioners alike. Its approach ensures the material is accessible, easily digestible, and practical for those wishing to deepen their understanding of TWI.

In addition to its theoretical depth, the TWI Memory Jogger incorporates a plethora of real-world examples. These examples offer practical insight into how the TWI program operates across a variety of scenarios, enabling users to comprehend the tangible benefits of this methodology.

The TWI Memory Jogger also includes a range of tools and techniques aimed at optimizing the application of the TWI program. These tools empower users to improve their skills, enhance their productivity, and make significant contributions to their organization’s overall performance.

Interactive learning is encouraged with the TWI Memory Jogger, offering problem-solving exercises and quizzes to reinforce theoretical knowledge. This approach not only boosts retention but also allows users to actively apply their knowledge, ultimately strengthening their understanding of the TWI methodology.

Further enhancing its usability, the TWI Memory Jogger is available in a digital format, ready for immediate printing. This feature ensures that the guide is conveniently accessible wherever and whenever it’s needed, whether on the factory floor or in a boardroom.

By employing the Memory Jogger, users can significantly boost their understanding of the TWI methodology, leading to an increase in operational efficiency and cultivation of continuous improvement within their organization. With its capacity for customization, its depth of content, and its easy-to-use format, the Memory Jogger is an essential tool for any organization seeking to maximize the benefits of the Training Within Industry program.

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Flyers 350g, 105 x 148 mm

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