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The Lean Management Memory Jogger is a practical, customizable guide providing methodical steps for implementing Lean Management principles.

  • After placing an order, a draft of the Memory Jogger will be sent, which the client can adapt to suit their company’s specific needs, such as logo changes, text modifications, etc.
  • Each Memory Jogger comprises 16-20 pages in A6 format.
  • There’s the option to prepare the Memory Jogger in any language, given the client provides prior corrections if necessary.
  • It is possible to order a specific quantity of Memory Joggers, with the unit cost decreasing as the quantity increases.
  • Memory Joggers will be printed in color on specialist card stock: Flyers 350g, 105 x 148 mm.
  • Shipping costs are fixed and are not dependent on the size of the order.
  • The fulfillment period is 1-2 weeks following the approval of the Memory Jogger design.


Lean Management Memory Jogger is an invaluable resource designed to facilitate the understanding and practical application of Lean Management principles. This guide provides methodical, step-by-step instructions on implementing Lean Management, making it an essential tool for those looking to drive continuous improvement and efficiency in their organizations.

The Memory Jogger is filled with information distilled from years of expertise in Lean, presented in an easy-to-understand format. This guide breaks down complex concepts into manageable steps, enabling anyone, irrespective of their prior knowledge of Lean Management, to grasp and apply these principles effectively.

At the heart of the Lean Management Memory Jogger is its practical focus. It not only presents theoretical knowledge but also includes real-world examples, case studies, and tips that bring Lean Management to life. This approach ensures that the concepts learned can be readily transferred into practical application within your organization.

Additionally, the Memory Jogger is designed for adaptability. Recognizing that every organization is unique, the Memory Jogger can be customized to include your company logo, specific content relevant to your operations, and any other features that might be beneficial to your particular implementation of Lean Management.

The Lean Management Memory Jogger is also available in a digital format, ready for print. This accessibility ensures that you can always have this useful guide at your fingertips, ready to assist you in your Lean Management journey.

In conclusion, the Memory Jogger is a comprehensive guide that simplifies the process of implementing Lean in your organization. Its practical focus, customizable features, and accessible format make it a vital tool for anyone seeking to harness the power of Lean Management for organizational improvement.

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Flyers 350g, 105 x 148 mm

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