Lean TWI Summit in Wrocław


Lean TWI Summit

This June, the charming city of Wrocław, Poland, will play host to the groundbreaking Lean TWI Summit, taking place on the 19th and 20th. This event stands as a beacon for professionals passionate about Lean management and the Training Within Industry (TWI) framework, offering a comprehensive agenda of dynamic plenary sessions and practical workshops. It’s an ideal setting for those committed to mastering Lean Thinking and TWI to expand their knowledge, enhance their skill set, and connect with a community of experts and enthusiasts alike.

First Day: Enlightening Plenary Engagements Kickstarting the summit, the first day is lined up with engaging talks and detailed case studies, presented in Polish. These sessions are aimed at igniting inspiration and delivering profound insights into Lean management principles. Noteworthy sessions include:

  • “Building High-Performing Teams” led by Dave Christensen, focusing on the strategic application of coaching for business success.
  • “Journey to Excellence” presented by Tomasz Kanikuła, targeting the establishment of a durable continuous improvement culture.
  • In-depth case studies from the manufacturing industry, providing clear evidence of the benefits derived from implementing Lean methodologies.
  • Dialogues on “The Power of Collaboration” and the essential roles that operators play in advancing factory processes and adopting TPM strategies.

Designed to motivate and equip attendees with the necessary tools for spearheading Lean projects in their organizations, these sessions promise a wealth of actionable knowledge.

Second Day: Focused Workshops for a Global Audience The summit’s second day offers an array of workshops tailored to English-speaking participants:

  • “How To Effectively Implement And Sell A Lean Project To Advance Your Career,” led by Ian Wordsworth and Kamil Studziński, delving into the execution of Lean projects and their presentation to top management.
  • “Standardized Work with TWI,” facilitated by Andrea Manti and Kamil Muller, focusing on applying TWI methods to achieve work standardization, thus improving operational effectiveness, quality, and safety.

Enhanced Learning Through Strategic Partnerships Supported by partnerships with Leancoin and the Lean Community, the summit promises a diverse and enriching learning experience for all involved.

Your Lean Journey Begins in Wrocław Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to propel your professional growth and make a meaningful impact within your organization by leveraging Lean principles. For further details and registration, please visit the official conference websites:

To register, visit:

We eagerly await welcoming you to the scenic city of Wrocław for an immersive journey into the principles of Lean and TWI. See you at the summit for an experience that promises to reshape your professional landscape!

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