Standardized Work Instructions Consultation (1h)


The Online 1-hour Consultation on Standardized Work Instructions using TWI Program offers a comprehensive overview of the TWI Job Instruction method for establishing effective, standardized work instructions.

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Standardized Work Instructions using TWI Program (Online 1-hour Consultation) is a focused session aimed at individuals or organizations seeking to establish effective, work instructions. This consultation is facilitated by a trainer with extensive industry experience and is designed to provide both theoretical understanding and practical insights into the TWI Job Instruction method.

Work Instructions are a cornerstone of efficient operations, ensuring consistent quality and productivity across the board. This session aims to provide participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop, implement, and maintain effective work instructions using the TWI Job Instruction method.


  1. Introduction (10 minutes): The session begins with a brief introduction to TWI and its significance in establishing standardized work instructions. The trainer will outline the objectives of the consultation and what participants can expect to gain from it.
  2. Understanding TWI Job Instruction (15 minutes): This segment delves into the principles and processes of TWI Job Instruction, a systematic method of training workers in a uniform and efficient manner. The four-step process – Prepare the Worker, Present the Operation, Try Out Performance, and Follow Up – will be explained in detail.
  3. Practical Insights (15 minutes): The trainer will share real-world examples and experiences relating to the creation of standardized work instructions using TWI Job Instruction, providing invaluable practical perspectives to participants.
  4. Creating Your Work Instructions (10 minutes): The consultation will then focus on how to start developing or refining your own standardized work instructions using the TWI Job Instruction method. This includes identifying tasks, determining the best methods, documenting the process, and training workers.
  5. Q&A and Wrap-up (10 minutes): The consultation concludes with a Q&A segment where participants can ask any questions or discuss any concerns. The trainer will provide answers and guidance to ensure participants leave the session with a solid understanding of establishing standardized work instructions using TWI.

The Online 1 hour Consultation on Work Instructions using TWI Program offers a compact yet comprehensive learning experience, providing the necessary knowledge and practical guidance for developing work instructions, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting job performance.

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