Lean TWI Summit

Lean TWI Summit in Wrocław

This June, the charming city of Wrocław, Poland, will play host to the groundbreaking Lean TWI Summit, taking place on the 19th and 20th. This event stands as a beacon for professionals passionate about Lean management and the Training Within Industry (TWI) framework, offering a comprehensive agenda of dynamic plenary sessions and practical workshops. It’s…



Kanban, a term meaning “visual sign” or “card” in Japanese, is a renowned system designed to enhance workflow management and process improvement. Emerging from Toyota’s production floor to software development and various industries worldwide, Kanban facilitates real-time communication and visualization of work processes



Jidoka, often rooted in the esteemed corridors of the Toyota Production System, embodies the seamless integration of human intelligence with machine efficiency. It’s the art of empowering machines with the capability to autonomously detect defects and halt production, ensuring that quality isn’t compromised.



In the fast-paced world of modern manufacturing, instantaneous communication is vital. Andon, a cornerstone concept from the Lean manufacturing toolkit, serves precisely this purpose. But, what is it, and why has it become a ubiquitous tool in many leading industries? The Basics – What is Andon? At its essence, Andon refers to a visual feedback…