TWI Job Relations Poster – Printed



The TWI Job Relations Poster is a visually engaging, customizable tool that outlines the four-step TWI Job Relations methodology.

  • After placing an order, a draft of the poster will be sent, which the client can customize to suit their company’s needs, such as logo changes, text modifications, etc.
  • There’s an option to prepare the poster in any language, provided the client gives prior corrections if necessary.
  • It’s possible to order a specific quantity of posters based on your requirements.
  • Posters will be printed in color on specialist paper in A1 size.
  • Shipping costs are fixed and independent of the size of the order.
  • The fulfillment period is 1-2 weeks following the approval of the poster design.


TWI Job Relations Poster is a visually appealing and informative tool designed to highlight and reinforce the principles of the Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Relations methodology. This valuable resource serves as a constant reminder of the importance of effective human relations management within the workspace.

The poster outlines the key four-step process of the TWI Job Relations methodology: Gather the Facts, Weigh and Decide, Take Action, and Check Results. Each step is succinctly described, offering a clear and comprehensive understanding of this methodical approach to addressing human relations issues.

Gather the Facts: This stage encourages objective information gathering. The poster provides reminders of the necessity of thoroughly collecting all the facts about a situation before decisions or actions are taken.

Weigh and Decide: This stage involves analyzing the gathered facts and making informed decisions. The poster emphasizes the importance of considering the potential consequences and selecting the best action.

Take Action: This phase stresses the implementation of the chosen action. The poster offers guidance on how to effectively communicate decisions, act promptly, and treat each person involved with fairness and respect.

Check Results: The last step is designed to promote ongoing monitoring of the outcomes. The poster serves as a reminder to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken and make necessary adjustments, reinforcing the concept of continuous improvement in managing human relations.

The TWI Job Relations Poster is designed with an engaging aesthetic to attract and hold attention. Bright colors, clear typography, and well-organized content ensure that the poster is readable and easily understood, facilitating more effective communication of the principles it outlines.

What sets the TWI Job Relations Poster apart is its ability to be customized to suit your specific needs. Your organization’s logo, color scheme, or other relevant content can be incorporated, aligning the poster more closely with your organizational identity.

The poster is printed in an easily visible A1 format, allowing it to be clearly seen and referred to from a distance. It is made from durable material to ensure longevity, maintaining its appearance even in high-traffic areas.

In summary, the TWI Job Relations Poster, with its clear content, striking design, and customizable features, is an excellent visual aid. It aids in the understanding and application of the TWI Job Relations methodology, promoting effective management of human relations and fostering a positive work environment.

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